How to Get Rid of Bats

Getting rid of bats in your attic or roof is a high risk job.  Due to the disease concerns that come with them, bats are the most dangerous animals we deal with.  Combining the disease risk with the fact that you can fit up to a hundred bats, of some species, in a one foot square, and you have a high probability of something going very wrong due to a bat invasion.  If you even suspect that you may have a bat problem, please do not hesitate, call us immediately.  Some states, including Florida, have a blackout period during which bats cannot be removed without written permission from state regulators.  But during the legal season, your bat removal process will usually be completed in a few days.  Your bat removal process may contain as few as three steps, but most problems require all four of the steps outlined below.

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Step 1: A Thorough Free Inspection

Bat removal begins with a focused investigation into your problem.  Getting bats out of your home or business requires identification of all active and potential entry points.

Many animal control problems require removal before, or during, the critter eviction process. However, bat control happens quite differently.  We cannot trap bats to remove them from your property, so we must close up all possible inactive entry points before getting bats out of the problem areas. Even during the blackout period, we will take steps to keep your problem from getting worse until removal of the entire population can be completed.

Step 3: Get Rid of the Bats

After sealing all inactive entry points, we install a custom made one way door to allow bats to leave your home but not reenter.  Your problem may require only one such device, but, in most cases, multiples are needed.  We will fabricate and install as many devices as needed to get rid of the bats on your property and leave them in place for at least four days to allow all the bats to leave the premises.  When all the bats have left, the devices are removed and the critter eviction process is completed.

Attic restoration is important with many animal removal problems.  But, attic restoration is essential when it comes to bat removal. Due to the numerous diseases and pungent odors that come with bats, you must decontaminate the area as much as possible.  We will remove as many droppings as possible and treat the area to breakdown what cannot be removed and eliminate odors.  Once we clean it as best as we can, we will add insulation back in to replace what was damaged or removed during the invasion and removal process.  When we finish, your attic will be as good as new and the energy efficiency of your home will be restored as well.

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