How to Get Rid of Snakes

Snakes may be the most feared of all the animals we get rid of.  Snakes are categorized as native or nonnative and venomous or nonvenomous.  However, there is no such thing as a “harmless” snake.  The snakes that are often called harmless are those that fall into the native, nonvenomous group.  While they may not kill humans, many of them provide a painful bite, and, if you are deeply afraid of snakes, having any species nearby can be hazardous to your health.  Fortunately, Wildout Animal Removal can resolve snake problems and minimize, if not eliminate entirely, your snake encounters.  Our snake control program is a three to four step process:

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Step 1: A Thorough Inspection & Manual Snake Removal

As with all critters, snake control begins with an in depth inspection of the property.  In addition to looking for snakes on the property, we check the property for food sources and areas where snakes may hide.  We remove any snakes we find and are able to get our hands on during the initial inspection.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Snakes

Snake trapping is a concept that many people struggle with.  But, it’s true, we trap snakes quite successfully.  Our traps are installed following our initial inspection and manual removal service.  These traps stay in place and are regularly refreshed throughout the duration of the snake removal service.

Step 3: Critter Repellent and Food Source Control

We also apply a repellent to the property, at the conclusion of our trapping process and as part of our ongoing service, to make the area less appealing to snakes.  Although these deterrents are not effective against all snake species, they often help deter some species and some food sources.  A successful snake removal requires controlling the population of snake food sources on the property.  Food source control will, of course, reduce a snake’s desire to be on the property.  However, if we remove snakes from your property, we have to make sure food source populations do not rise.  We would not be much help in removing your snakes if you ended up with a rat problem as a result.  For these reasons, proper snake service includes control of rodent populations on the property.’

Step 4: Habitat Alteration

Our goal is always to control your snake problem with as little impact on your life as possible.  However, sometimes it is necessary to make changes to your property to complete a proper snake removal process.  Snake, or snake food source, harborage areas may need to be removed to get the population under control.  This may include removal of wood piles or sealing of a crawlspace or under a shed. There are also critter eviction options to help control snakes.  These are limited to specific environments, so they will only be offered if they will be effective in addressing your particular problem.

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